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Softlaw was on the money. He stated, over and over, that Brentz would be stubtracted and Bogaerts added only if required to top the trade market offers but that was unlikely. He was right.

Moonslav kept overstating the market for J. Upton, which turned out to be extremely weak. Red Sox, as softlaw said, could have kept Barnes, Bogaerts and Bradley, Jr. and close the deal. The Board kept whining about it costing Bogaerts, when it cost nothing short of mostly garbage and one decent veteran MLB player and another high WHIP NL quasi-prospect pitcher and farm scraps.





How pathetic can you get. As if anyone here is that naive. What a joke he's proven himself to be. He can't take being exposed. If I were him, I'd be too embarrassed to post again. He has no shame. He must be part of that "most decadent generation ever."


he got banned again almost instantly