Kalish, the forgotten man

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    Kalish, the forgotten man

    Ryan "now 25" finally began hitting off a tee yesterday but where does the once "highly praised" prospect end up from here?  I'm not sure how everyone else feels but outside of some nice plays in the OF when he first came up and decent minor league numbers Ryan never really seemed to grasp big league pitching.

    If Ryan stays healthy do still feel he can still break into our lineup in the next couple of years, he is only 25?  Or, Should we package him if the stock rises again in fear he may continue to be injury prone? 



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    Re: Kalish, the forgotten man

    They are going to have to give him some MLB playing time before he has any value whatsoever. Hes always been a promising prospect. Its sad that these injuries have derailed his pro career. Ive seen guys like him go through this though, and after losing a couple years to injuries to start their pro career, come back to do very good.

    Im hoping next year he can do well in ST and break camp with the team, even if its as a 4th OF'er. maybe he can get going in the minors before the years over and get a little momentum going into the offseason. To other teams, and us for that matter, hes just an injury prone prospect with potential.

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