Almost every single fan, writer, etc., can't wait for the return of Ryan Kalish.   Not that he is single handedly going to turn the entire offense around, but he will be a MAJOR component.

Uh, really?

I liked Kalish just as much as the next guy.  His attitude and hustle.  Often being compared to the original dirt dog (Nixon).   But really, his numbers were only "decent".   A batting average of .252 is nothing to write home about.

According to baseball-reference, a full season of his numbers would be .252-12-73.  72 runs scored and 31 SB.  The speed is great, but other than that?
.252?  Only 12HR?

Other than the speed part, Cody Ross would easily pass those numbers.  Although we also look foward to Ross returning, it is not with the same anticiapation and "giddiness" as it is with Kalish.

Plus, we don't know how well he is going to hold up (particulalry with his style of play) and if the pitchers will do much better against him once they get to see him a little bit more.

We should look foward to his return, but we shouldn't get so "YOO-HOO" about him just yet.  We might be setting ourselves up for a major let down.