just heard the weei archive with lucchino. glad this sneaked out now and not during the tough part of the season. u win and this is genius. apparently the playas all swear by it. its on the second floond floor with a few bunk beds and is totally sound proof.. i bet some of u jabros need that at home in a fully padded room. methinks bobby v would not had approved of that!

classic sox and farrell. talk about pampering your guys.. i digress but what if u brought your gal in there, and had some fried chicken and beer? or if koji felt like "re-energizing" during a game esp when it was a day off? again, glad this is coming out now. clearly it wasnt abused and a great sign of the trust and chemistry these guys enjoy. if ur ellsbury, how is that not an inducement to return? seems like this org goes further out for its guys than any other in every way! imagine if every major employer did this?

sleep doc will definitely get a ring. sox have a really scientific way of traveling and setting their schedules. this guy is no jabro.. constantly researches how to improve the sleep routine and pattern of the team and its individuals.