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Knuckleballer vs Sinkerballer

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    Knuckleballer vs Sinkerballer

    With Wakefield still in recent memory and the way that Dickey has thrown for most of this year, would you rather have a knuckleballer or a sinkerballer as part of your starting five?  Cook and Lowe are two sinkerballers that come to mind. 

    I'd prefer the knuckleballer as they can eat innings and pitch in all situations without much transition/rest time.  Sinkerballers, imo,  put much more pressure on the defense as they usually pitch to contact.    It also gives a drastic different look for the other team as compared to other starters. 

    Anyone have any data re: this question?

    Note:  I'm not saying either should be your ace but I'm thinking of a pitcher that is in the back of the rotation. 

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    Re: Knuckleballer vs Sinkerballer

    all things being equal (era, IP, RHP v LHP) i would take the knuckler as it F's with the opposing team's timing
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    Re: Knuckleballer vs Sinkerballer

    Sinkerballer.  Even knucklers can't tell you what the ball is going to do. 

    With the tying run on third, bases loaded, or decent speed on first, the sinkerballer is the better choice.

    When Wake was good, he was very good.  When he was bad, he was very bad.  No middle ground.  He was either unhittable or couldn't get anyone out.  That made him a good #5 because you weren't relying on him so all of his wins were gravy.  And he could eat up innings.

    But in general, I would prefer someone I knew was going to give the team a chance to win in a big majority of his starts.