Not like it hasn't been said before but, have to hand it to Cherington. He didn't bite on Josh Hamilton of other big names/contracts. He's put together a very fun team to watch. The chemistry is obvious. If anything, looking back, Cherington was very much taking notes whilst watching Theo make moves. 

Last year was by far the worst I've ever seen for a Red Sox team. Cherington wasn't sold on Valentine, so I don't think you can blame him too much for last year's fiasco. Sure he was GM but, he was dealt a bad hand. 

But, last year is a memory. Thanks to the team he's put together this year, it's becoming a very distant memory. 

Middlebrooks hasn't even gotten into a groove yet but, he will. Napoli is turning into a favorite. Farrell looks like he's worked some magic with Lester and Bucholz. The dreaded Lackey now looks like a different person out there! So many players that can contribute. It's starting to look like Cherington has finally done what I've said the Red Sox should do, run it like the Patriots. "Do your job" has apparently become this team's mantra as well. 

I'll admit it, I watched very few games last year. Even from the start. This year I've watched as many as possible. It's fun again. 

Cherington deserves a huge round of applause. The Red Sox. Best record in baseball. It's early but, I like it. Of course, we'd best pay attention to the Yankers. They are tied for 2nd best record as of this day. I have to say, Cashman does things right. They are riddled with injuries and are in the hunt and shadowing the Sox. 

But, who'd have it any other way? Red Sox baseball is back and man, I'm digging it!