who else had that in their christmas wish list? i said it over and over.. give me a guy who tries too hard and whines then a beckett who just goes thru the motions. lack is pitching the BEST he ever has and his stuff post-tommy john is actually better! absolutely if he's lights out on sunday night (a/angels in prime time, he should b a lock and should replace buch on the team). who would have thunk it, only lack is representing the sox pitching and is the ACE!

LESTER IS WHO HE IS.. A GREAT TEASE IN THE MODE OF HOMER BAILEY.. GREAT PERFORMANCE HERE AND THERE BUT WILL NEVER B CONSISTENT ENOUGH TO rise above #3 status on an elite team. buch will never he healthy enough to rise above his strasburgness. this is what theo had in mind! now next year he works for vet MINIMUM (classic theo w/the injury insurance)!

add in cliff lee and this team is WS bound!