Last Saturday at the Shore ...

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    Last Saturday at the Shore ...

    I saw an interesting figure coming my way, jogging down the beach.

    It was a gorgeous, wind driven day ... the wife and younger son, who lives in Philly, spent a couple days in Stone Harbor ... and I saw a slender, tall, older fella with a Red Sox jersey on ... the number 19 on it.

      It was my first time on the Jersey Shore.  Usually I go to Martha's Vineyard and enjoy and the beaches there, when possible.  But this was only 90 minutes from Philly and the good wife had received glowing reviews about the place.  So she set up a great little get away.

      As usual, I wander off the point ...

      This brother in the Red Sox Nation ran smoothly and was unapologetically a fan of the former pitching star of that rare and treasured championship team.

     We spoke  briefly and he  continued his run.  I returned to shelling and such.


      Just a brief word of thanks, Josh.  We enjoyed the WS crown(s) so much.  Fare well ... and again, thanks.

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