lastest rumours ?

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    lastest rumours ?

    Nick Swisher - Red Sox, SF, and SEA.

    Dickey- the Blue Jays ( for their top prospect catcher) and also he may want to go to western team, still thinking BC should jump in and renegoiate and give them a better value in return even if he is one year rental. At the moment the Sox have more to give NYM then the Jays

    Vernon Wells- 24 mill remaining on 2  year contract, via trade reunite with ex jays coaching staff could be spark plug but is a high risk, but can play all OF positions Gomes and Wells will be too costly for 2 LF'ers, if the Angels are willing to send money in return would make the deal a lower risk factor

    Losh Willingham and Allen Craig - via trades worth to take a look ???????

    Eithier- good bat but can't fill in the 1B hole if Napoli contract fails

    Morse- talks been pretty quiet

    Plenty of pitchers on the rumour list also: since Sanchez is now going with Detroit the pitching rumours will escalate more talking

    Majority of Red Sox fans are talking Swisher only if the Napoli deal is not closed.


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    Re: lastest rumours ?

    Whether they sign Nap or not they have plenty to sign Swish.

    Trade Ells, Lester and Bard for Andrus and Holland--Lester needs a change of scenery. Possibly offer the same package to the Indians and Rockies.

    Without making the playoffs in three years to me no one is untouchable inc. Pedroia, Salty and Buch.

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