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latest poll ?

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    latest poll ?

     Do you like the new acquistions?


                                                          YES                                                     NO
    Papi                                               88 %                                                  12%

    Opinion - very simple he is one of the fans favorites Sox players in recent years

    Uehera                                          87.5%                                                12.5 %

    Opinion - can be a consistent late inning pitcher with low era      

    Hanarahan                                    79%                                                   21% 

    Opinion - risky business transaction time will tell loss negative loss Melancon

    Gomes                                           73%                                                   27%

    Opinion - good attitude poor defence, I would of prefer Cody Ross resigned

    Victorino                                        59%                                                   41%

    Opinion - my fav. signing this season cause extra speed can steal bases

    Ross                                             58%                                                    42%

    Opinion - best pick for a back up catcher has the defence smarts

    Dempster                                     54.5%                                                 45.5%

    Opinion- surprise that he is higher % than Napoli but can eat innings

    Napoli                                           52%                                                   48%

    Opinion- i was happy with original signing now the injury update I'm skeptical

    My overall rate is a (B)

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    Re: latest poll ?

    In response to Ben Cheringtom's comment:

    In response to Bill-806's comment:

    All are good , save the Napoli heath report !!

    or your crazy blockbuster gibberish

    Aprox. 10, 000 votes were taken. This tells me most people are content with the Red Sox new arrivals. I am one the fans who is also content but not overwhelm with the Sox roster. Baseball is long season with 162 games with hardly any consectitive days offs. As usual I am always looking forward to a new season.

    Now that my football team was eliminated late last night. The good news still more good games to watch, and the NHL came to an agreement so hockey is still going to have half a season.

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    Re: latest poll ?

    In response to EdithBRTN's comment:

    Surprised that Ross was only at 58%. He was cheap, is best backup catcher, and a good clubhouse presence.

    I guess it's all relative. I like the D Ross signing, especially if we get something good when we trade Salty.

    Shoppach cost about half the money and was  just a 1 year deal.