Lester on pace for 15 wins

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    Re: Lester on pace for 15 wins

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    Is quality start really a quality stat? By  John Dewan October 5, 2004 A starting pitcher is credited with a quality start when he pitches at least six innings and allows three or fewer earned runs. Some opponents of the stat argue that pitching six innings and allowing three runs produces a 4.50 ERA, hardly quality. However, an ERA of 4.50 comes in below the overall American League ERA in 2003 (4.52) and it’s rare that a pitcher pitches exactly six innings and allows exactly three earned runs. The game ERA drops below 4.00 as soon as the pitcher reaches seven innings in a quality start.

    Quality starts occur in less than half of the games started by pitchers (47% through 9/26). The key quality feature of the quality start is that a team that has a pitcher throwing a quality start can expect to win about two-thirds of their games. That’s an excellent .667 winning percentage. And when you consider that two opposing pitchers can earn quality starts in the same game while only one can earn the victory, it makes the .667 winning percentage all the more impressive.

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    Re: Lester on pace for 15 wins

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    In response to pumpsie-green's comment:


    The "bare minimum" results in an ERA of 4.50 if carried out over a season. I do not view that as "quality"; maybe you do. I think ERA, ERA+, WHIP, K/BB etc are MUCH better measures of a pitcher's performance.

    Ironically, I was using the Quality Start stat to bolster the argument that Lester did in fact have a long rough stretch from Sept/11 to June/13, because of his low QS %.  So it was actually supporting your position, not opposing it. 



    I realize that. I am saying that there are better indicators of his performance than his percentage of QS-which, if he does the minimum to achieve, are not "quality" at all.

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