LF and backup 1B

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    Re: LF and backup 1B

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    Notin, Have to believe RS will give every chance for Kalish to be the everyday guy in LF w/ Gomes getting the starts vs. LH's. He can also play all 3 OF spots which also plays well for depth and roster spots. He will finally have a full offseason to train and prepare for 1st time in years, not coming off injury. But really like the idea of Morse, was thinking same thing. He's an corner OF'er/ 1B / DH. Problem is he would need to play everyday [probably LF] and would make the Gomes signing not necessary and stunt growth of Kalish. But would hit 30+ HR's in Fenway. Maybe reason RS haven't finished Napoli and are waiting Nat's to sign LaRoche so RS could see what it takes[prospects] to make Morse their everyday 1B. I would prefer Morse over Napoli but not at the expense of a top prospect, if Nat's would take Bailey or Aceves and a lesser prospect I would do in a heartbeat. As for other guys on your list I would take a pass.

    I agree a Kalish / Nava option is probably going to be in LF. Presumably Nava to start the season since Kalish has options left and really, needs to get back in the swing of things.    Doubtful much happens on that front beyond discussion generated on message boards.


    And in that spirit, one name I did omit the Sox hopefully could consider is Will Venable. Venable has surprising power that is completely supressed by Petco.  Last year, his road OPS was .875.  For his career, it is a little lower, I think .800-ish.  He primarlily faces RHP, and this would likely continue in Boston.

    I agree with you regarding Kalish and the likely platoon of Gomes and Nava in left, Looking beyond this year, my feeling is based on the acquisition of Victorino, and the likely departure of Ellsbury's. That Kalish is the guy they see playing RF longer term with LF being reserved for the addition of an impact bat in the next two or three seasons. A position where you can "hide" a suspect defensive player of which there are many more options than trying to find a RF who projects to be an impact hitter, that can cover the ground in the cavernous space that it is Rightfield in Fenway...

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    Re: LF and backup 1B

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    Two years of Franklin Morales should be enough for 3 Mike Carps..

    I'm reminded that a mere 20 months ago the Colorado Rockies pretty much gave away Franklin Morales, getting cash and no players in return from the Red Sox:


    Morales' performance since may have enhanced his value, but then again Morales is 20 months closer to free agency.

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    Re: LF and backup 1B

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    I guess we'll have to see what this will be like outside Safeco. He has a road ERA of 5.23. I'm not sure the patience will be there if those are more in line with his results.

    The Bill James Handbook projects a 2013 ERA of 3.82 and a FIP of 4.29 in 205 innings for Jason Vargas and an ERA of 3.98 and a FIP of 4.35 in 122 innings for Franklin Morales. However, the projections may have been made before the trade of Vargas to the Angels.