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As opposed to all the other pitchers across baseball who showed up in mid-season form, right?

And, for the record, the "physical rigors of american baseball" aren't worth mentioning. It's an absolute joke how much players whine about PLAYING 162 GAMES over 7 months. Japanese players practice more, throw more, do just about everything more. Without 5 star hotels. Without team owned planes. Without people waiting on them hand and foot.

I understand wanting to dump on the Yanks whenever possible...but this is just absurd.

Give the kid a little while before running him over.

BTW Japan is slightly smaller than Calif. thus travel is NO where as difficult as in the US.

You obviously have never really thought about what a MLB player goes thru to play the game at a high level.

Playing 162 games in 6 months is over 180 days 4 days for AS break leaves 2 days a month off. If you only had two days off from work you'd complain as well and you are only driving to work from your FAMILY and are home every night. Where as the MLB player is in a new hotel every 4 days for half the year and anyone who travels knows even the best hotels are not as good as home.


It is tough work and yes I would have loved to have done it as would a lot of others but it still does not take away that it is a hard road to hoe.

And this is just a small sample of what they do.

Given the money, pampering, months off, and general ease of the game of baseball...yeah, I don't view it as very hard.

I understand people talk about the 'grind' day after day...and that, to me, is a large part of the problem. Many players go into the season already having convinced themselves that it's a long season, it's going to be a grind, and they are going to wear out. How about some mental conditioning?

Many, MANY people work 6-7 days a week. Year round. For under 100k. Somehow, they don't lose 20 lbs every 7 months, as I've heard many players comment on. How about truckers, on the road for WEEKS at a time, staying in dingy hotels, or in the cab or their truck?

Thousands of people all over this country do it day in and day out. Many do it without complaining, and are still good family people. I get tired of hearing from super-rich complaining about the "rigors of their life". I really, simply, do NOT want to hear it. If it's that bad, they can go punch a clock for 40 hrs a week, and have every weekend off.

I learned you have 2 choices in life:

-Suck it up and deal with it

-Move on

None want to give up the money or stop whining about all that first class travel, 5 star hotels, room service most will never be able to afford, physical therapists and doctors on call...I mean. Do these guys even have to ever go to a pharmacy like most people?

If you tell yourself something long enough, it will become true. Baseball players have been talking about the grind of the season far more as the money has gotten s t u p i d starting in the 80s.

How did those poor guys in the 70s ever play baseball, and hold REAL JOBS in the offseason!??!?!?! And they had prop planes! My goodness! It's practically inhumane!

How did guys used to ever throw 300 innings? Pitchers now are convinced they simply CAN'T, so they have no chance to do it. Once you've told yourself you can''re done. 

So, back to my original point...players walk in to the season already broken. Most do at least. Some do not. They are rare, and tend to go down as some of the greats.

I heard a high level exec at northeast utilities, when going over his retirement package, comment that the 500k a year RETIRMENT he was getting was "ONLY THIS MUCH!" When he was reminded that people work in this company for 10 years and don't make that, his response? "Well...anyone COULD live on that much." Some people have a distorted view of reality. I don't sympathize with them...I pity them. That guys way of life costs more than 500k a year...I'm not even angry with that, it is really just sad that he NEEDS that much money to feel ok.

It's also sad that players complain about the 'grind' they have to endure before retiring for 5 months to the location of their choice, every year.

I could pull 16 hour shifts in a factory, 7 days a week for 7 straight months if I was getting paid 7 figures to do it. People go into our own military, go overseas for a lot longer, get paid far less...

Yeah, baseball players complaining about the grind is a joke to me. I stand by that opinion. I make no excuses for myself...and certainly none for the super rich.

You made the comparison of MLB to Japan. I showed you the difference. So now you change your original comparison to the average American worker versus a MLB player.

why did you change your comment ? 

BTW no one can disagree with the MLB player to the Average American Worker comparison.