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Loss well deserved

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    Re: Loss well deserved

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    Leave it to softlaw to go on an irrelevant excursion about righty outfielders. The OP and this thread are about last night, when Colon, a righty, was the Yankees starter.  The Sox all lefty outfield had 5 hits, including Ellsbury's rbi double off the wall.  The same pitcher, Logan, who struck out AGon on three pitches with the bases loaded, gave up a double to Crawford, a Sox outfielder who when last seen was hitting from the left side.  The Yankees pitching last night was, all things considered, superb.  And Lester, a good lefty well placed to shut down the lefty-heavy Yankees lineup, especially with A-Rod on the DL and two of their best hitters, Cano and Granderson, hitting from the left side, did manage to hold the Yankees at bay for five innings, but he collapsed ignominiously in the 6th inning.  Speaking of righty outfielders, I wonder when softy is going to start a thread on why the Yankees need one.  Switch-hitting Swisher helps, but he is not at all what softy is talking about, and the other two, Gardner and Granderson, bat only from the left side.   So I have to wonder about softlaw's fixation on righty outfielders when neither of the two best offenses in MLB this year has a good righty outfielder.  Let me hasten to add that I kind of like the idea of a righty outfielder, but that does not mean they are the sine qua non for a good hitting lineup or, for that matter, a winning team.  Thus two of the best righty outfielders, Kemp of the Dodgers and Bautista of the Jays, play for teams that are completely out of it this year. 
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    Hey Max,

    Great post...Softy is the guy that will always find fault and thinks that Epstein can simply pick up the phone and aquire any one that he thinks would be better fit his his eyes than our current players. In short he's a devils advocate type that must love reading his own OP's, lord knows thier long enough. All you need to do is go back read some of his ditribes on Ellsbury...

    I doubt that any one would argue that in an ideal world having another productive RH bat would help us in balancing the lineup, last I checked we don't live in an ideal world. Aquiring a RH bat that would be an upgrade over any of our current starters would have meant we would have had to trade away two or three of our top prospects (Pence) to address an area that's not a fatal flaw...The fact of the matter is the Sox are currently the best offensive team in the game and even with a lefty centric lineup are 25-12 when the opposition starts a lefthanded pitcher. We're 3-0 vs Sabathia todays starter.

    I know that we tend to place a lot more on the results of one game than the players and coaches do...yesterday the Yanks won a close one...not sure having a righthanded hitting OF would have changed the outcome...It's not like they're gonna pinch hit for Gonzalez in the bottom of the 4th or 5th when they bring in a lefty in a one run game...

    Bottom line is Lester didn't pitch big in a big game, he pitched well...staked to 2-0 lead entering the 6th he has to put up a zero and get us in the dugout!
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    Re: Loss well deserved

    I watched the game on MLB, Smoltz does color. In real time (ie, before the third run scored), Smolz said that Lester's second pitch to Swisher was a strike (it was a changeup on the black part of the outside corner) and that the "mistake" (his word) by the ump completely changed the at bat. He said this right before Lester had to come over the plate with his cutter that Swisher handled. Lester battled as did the team and deserved better. Also, in the ninth, Smoltz mentioned that Mariano got a called strike on the same type of pitch location (on the black or an inch off); he called it "inconsistent". Smoltz does good color, he's not a sox fan, just called what he saw.
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    Re: Loss well deserved

    Thanks, beantowne.  Like I said, I certainly am not against a righty hitting outfielder.  I just don't think getting one is the be all and end all of putting together a good lineup.  The two best hitting and scoring teams in MLB have no righty hitting outfielders.  Would they be better with a Kemp?   Probably, but it all boils down to cost and availability. 
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    Re: Loss well deserved

    Makes no differnce really since both teams will make the playoffs and the home field advantage doesn't even exist. 
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    Re: Loss well deserved

    Lester had one bad inning. Otherwise, he pitched well enough to win. Blame the offense, which has been on vacation for the better part of the past week. Scoring three runs per game aint gonna cut it.