On Lowrie, from Tuesday:

"Lowrie went into the off day second among major league shortstops in home runs (eight), third in slugging (.484)"

And Reddick is about the 3rd best OF in the AL statistically.

And the Sox got Melancon, Bailey and Sweeney.

It's mind boggling that EVERY SINGLE move the Sox makes has been absolutely blowing up in their faces this year. Karma? Faulty system finally catching up? Totally inept management?

Save the "AL West/NL Central" argument too, it's really weak. Especially considering the As have already played a lot of the AL East and just split series' with the Tigers, Angels and Rangers.

For me, this seems more lie 'Karma', this is exactly what this team deserves, from management all the way down through the players.

And, yes, I write this the day after "beating up" the best pitcher in baseball with bleeders and bloops all over the field, mostly around 150 ft from home plate.