Lucchino : "Red Sox Sellout Streak will probably end in April"

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    In my humble opinion, the single most uninteresting aspect of Red Sox baseball that could possibly be discussed is this sell-out streak, from all angles.  I could care less about the streak itself.  Totally meaningless.  I could care less whether it is trumped up by the front office or media.  Classic entertainment biz, anything including smoke and mirrors to get people under the big top.

     I just don't see why we should care about any of it.


    fair enough  space

    but it is a dishonest ploy meant to increase sales

    so those who have been duped might feel different


    Stop pretending you're doing Sox fans a public service with your concern about Fenway sell-outs. LOL Yankee trolls like yourself, ADG and Babe being so concerned with Fenway sell-outs is ridiculous when Sox fans don't even care. The obsession about sell outs have always been Yankee troll obsessions. It's like you're all so determined to prove no one likes the Sox anymore. LMAO

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    I was AWOL from here for three weeks, remember. I did read some however and noted that you fulfilled your need for conflict by attacking poor Bill, Georom,  Babe, and Softlaw during that time.. You come here for conflict. Are you really on for 14 hrs. per day or is that father Mike during the day while he goofs off ' slacker at work.  Like father - like son. You are Joey the guy with the tatoo who works construction and drives a Harley and brags about smoking weed on the front porch.


    i didn't attack Geo, Babe or softlaw... i debated them (and kicked some serious butt no less).


    can't you see my profile pike?? my name is Rusty Shackleford. not mike, joey, josh, mikey or even stew.... some detective you are..


    You came here said you were 19 years old and stole your father's account when he wasn't on the computer. No one asked you, you volunteered that information. Now you're 34 and Rusty, even though your screenname is mef. It's really hard to believe that your father was 34 if you say you're now 20. But now you're the one who's 34.


    Let's face it, no one knows who they're talking to when they're talking to you. You have too many stories.


    who cares? nobody but you seems to be concered with my name or age.. why does it matter? does my name and/or age have an affect on my ability to make quality baseball posts?




    i would still like this question to be answered.