In Response to make lavarnway a 3rd Baseman??:
with youk struggling like we've never seen, no discernable MLB ready 3rd baseman in the minors and no trade pieces for a good 3rd baseman why not teach lava how to play 3rd?? he can't be any worse in the field than cabrera or youk (as it stands now). Plus his bat would be a big upgrade as youk is slacking big time and youk would be a better trade chip than saltalamacchia IMO Lars Anderson is also an option.. i saw he is also learning how to play in the outfield so why not 3rd base?? if you did this then you could package youk and salty for a pitcher and bring up anderson and lavarnway. thoughts?
Posted by mef429

Will Middlebrooks in line to be called up very soon.. This guy might turn this team around.. along with Lava and Iggy.