Man Up, Who were the bootlickers who said I was wrong about Beckett?

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    Re: Man Up, Who were the bootlickers who said I was wrong about Beckett?

    Beckett beat the Yanks with the Marlins, and Beckett beat the Yanks with the Red are just a butt head on this message board...get lost...

    glad a-gone is gone, and crawford, just because of his salary...Beckett deserved better...

    clowns like you commenting on him? are you kidding me?

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    Re: Man Up, Who were the bootlickers who said I was wrong about Beckett?

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    During Hot Stove 2011? I said he was a cancer, and he would be gone because he was the single most responsible person for 2011 disaster. Instead I got a whole bunch of bs about how 2011 was a GREAT year for Slosh and he was an ace, their best best pitcher and a good guy....


    History repeats itself huh?

    What is it I was wrong about?  That I wanted Josh to succeed?  No, I was right for that.  Was I wrong when I asserted that I thought the chicken and beer was way overblown, not a big deal, and that Beckett was far from a 'clubhouse cancer'?  I don't know.  None of us still really know.  I still think I am right on that matter.   Was I wrong when I, like you, questioned his fitness?  No.  Was I wrong when I hopefully predicted that he would have a good season in 2012?  Yes.  But, in this regard, as a die hard fan who roots roots roots for the home team, I have been wrong many, many times.  Guilty as charged.  Is that what you call boot-licking?

    ummm yea Space...unless you were helen keller, there is no way an intelligent person like yourself could overlook his spreading girth, lack of fitness, sour demeanor, and devil may care attitude to his im thinking you were blinded by fandom...or in this case, bootlickism...he was a bad egg - thats why he was dealt....are you really still struggling with that?

    Nope.  Not struggling with anything Georom.

     I was glad they shipped him off.  dead weight.  As I have agreed with you about always, I saw Beckett's lack of commitment to fitness as his career killer.  The reason for his late season issues every year.  And the reason that he would end up serving up meatballs.  Joebreidey, among others talk about pitchers not needing fitness as much.  Not so.  A pitcher does not need to be slim and trim, obviously.  But if a pitcher cannot get immense leg drive, requring ample core strength and support, then his back and arm are toast sooner than later and, even without noticeable injury, he will be prone to launching pad effects of not finishing pitches.  To boot(lick), a young guy can get a way with it for a while, but as a pitcher ages, he needs to lean on proper mechanics more.  proper mechanics require the right balance, hence core strength, flexibility.  Beckett failed to take that seriously.   His appearance was a clue to that, but not definitive (of course pitchers can carry weight).  But his injury patterns were proof, in my view.

    So, so long Josh.  Thanks for the championship.  

    But I still don't agree about the 'clubhouse cancer', 'bad egg' notion.  That is still just a witch hunt that you bought into hook line and sinker.  

    See, my view is clear as a bell.  I am not struggling with anything.


    my off day is my off day....they should have suspended him for 2 weeks after pulling that stunt after missing a start....if you think the chicken and beer thing was overdone, then you havent read Hohner because it was detailed and damning about Beckett - beckett not only cost francona his job but also the conditoning coach dave page....of course many folks seemed to simply REFUSE to believe it....i havent so many folks fail to "connect the dots" since a certain president was told that 'bin laden was determined to strike" inside America....being a fan of a sports team shouldnt require blind, stupid faith....not with their salaries....

    Hoehler article was detailed, yes quite, but hardly damning.  nary a first hand account or even 'inside source' quoted in the whole article, except to say stuff like "Its hard for a guy making 80,000 to tell a guy making 8 million what to do."  Oh.  Thanks.  Are those the connected dots?  

    Yes, I refuse to believe, on blind faith, the hysterical notions drummed by a Sox press corps who put bread on their tables by whipping up sensational, juicy stories.  Guilty as charged.

    As soon as you can offer me one, just one player or coach who was there, who has anything bad to say about Josh Bekett as a clubhouse presence I will let go of my dibelief.  As soon as I hear Terry Francona offer anything negative about Beckett, I will let go of my reluctance to buy into the hype that you have shrouded yourself in.


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    Re: Man Up, Who were the bootlickers who said I was wrong about Beckett?

    Sorry but you were wrong.  Beckett was the best pitcher the Sox had in 2011.  Yes he lost two important games in September - but so didn't Lester.  But they were actually in the running at the end thanks to Beckett - he had an amazing record against teams in our division.  The entire team played poorly last Sept to blame it on Beckett is ridiculous.  If you would read what things say instead of taking pieces and making more of it - it was said that Beckett did change his workout routine but only cause it was what he had been doing throughout the season and was pitching really well. He didn't want to change the routine cause - superstitious   Did it catch up to him - maybe or maybe it was the ankle - who knows.  Again - if Lester won a game or two in September that would have made a difference as well.  So it was not just Beckett. 

    As for this year - please name one pitcher on the Sox that pitched well.  So I guess you are basically saying that if Beckett doesn't pitch well the entire team goes down.  Wow - guess the man can walk on water if he is that powerful.  For the first half of the season Beckett was either the best or second best pitcher the Sox had.  He and Doubront went back and forth.  Where was Lester?  Where was Clay?  I will give a pass due to coming off an injury.  But why is it Beckett that is the problem when Lester was worse? 

    Plus through the entire season I asked for facts, links to stories, anything that showed that Beckett was a problem in the clubhouse.  Anything that showed he had problems with teammates, managers, front office.  I asked reporters, fans and I asked on several site and NOTHING.  No one could provide me with any facts. 

    Oh yes - when Beckett was no longer in the clubhouse - I saw a big change.  NOT!  The team was worse than what it was when Beckett was there. 

    Basically it is YOUR opinion that Beckett was cancer.  Due to the fact that he was not media friendly - the media jumped all over him and the fans follow.  It was classless and out of control.  If you have ever listened to any other broadcast of other games - the announcers all have spoken about Boston and how the media is tabloid type reporting and many wonder why players want to play there.  After this year - Boston is not being looked at like it has in the past.  It is definitely not the be all to end all.

    Beckett was traded due to the fact that he was destroyed by the media and no matter what he did that was not going to change.  Boston owners needed a PR change - it is a business - that was all it was.  If you are trading Beckett - you should be trading Lester.  But people have a crazy "hero like" opinion of Lester and no matter what he does (or doesn't do) - he will always get a pass.  Beckett got a raw deal from Boston.  I am sure he is thrilled to be out of Boston.  I was happy for him.  I wouldn't call myself a big Beckett fan before this year - but after all the crap and nothing to prove it - I found myself supporting him more and more. 

    Game after game he always held himself accountable for his pitching.  Which is what he is suppose to be accountable for.  Never made excuses.  Never blame a teammate.  In fact - he always praised his teammates.  If the team lost he took the blame (even if he only game up ONE run).  If the team won - he gave the credit to his teammates.  Sorry but that is NOT cancer in my book.  That is a good teammate.



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