Man was i wrong about Swisher !!!!!!!!

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    Re: Man was i wrong about Swisher !!!!!!!!

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    What part of Swisher is NEVER coming here are people still misunderstanding? He's NEVER coming here. Swisher will NEVER wear a Sox uniform, and neither will any other fan favorite from the Yankees. I am 100% sure of this, and believe he would retire if the Sox were his only option.

    I will NEVER be proven wrong.

    i live in NY and thats not what they write in the papers. they are worried that he might want to jump ship and head to boston.

    swisher has never said (to my knowlege) that he hates boston and would rather retire than play here. the players follow the money. swisher is not a fan favorite in NY nor is he a core player. NY wouldn't be shaking in their boots if he came to boston, yeah he would be boo'd when he came back to NY but it wouldn't be a big loss for them.

    idc if we sign him or don't. he is a good option, good clubhouse guy, switch hitter and versatile. the deal breaker is what his contract will end up being. i don't think he will get the big money contract he is looking for but we won't know until the market presents itself. for the right $ i would like to have him here. if not, then we can find a suitable replacement and move on.

    It's not a matter of him hating Boston, I just don't believe he would want to deal with the aftermath of going to the competition or the "enemy" in the BOS/NY world. The NY fans would never forgive him.

    FTR I believe he's a great clubhouse guy. Actually seems like a lot of fun. But, again, he's NEVER coming here.

    He wasnt drafted by them and spent his whole career there. Jeter? Ok, then that would have merit. Not Swisher. Hes also not a fan and doesnt take the "play for the enemy" thing so seriously as you do. Its a job to him and he will go to the team that will pay him to play the game.

    Well then, I guess we'll see who's right. And I don't just mean Swisher. And, FTR, I didn't come up with the "play for the enemy" mentality. It's always been there, at least as long as I've followed baseball. It will NEVER happen.

    Its not a matter of whos right and whos wrong. I never said you came up with the "play for the enemy" thing. I also didnt say either way if i thought he was coming here. I just stated that I dont think he would say no just because its the Red Sox.

    exactly, especially for a guy who came up with oakland (i think). the yankees can't afford to keep him anyway with all the money they're doling out so far. factor in their bigger needs they will have to throw $$ at and that leaves none left for swisher.

    i'd say its more likely that he signs with boston than stays with the yankees. because in order to do so he would have to sign for much less than he is worth (the qualifying offer). not too sure he even wants to stay in NY they're crucifying him over here for his postseason performance

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    Re: Man was i wrong about Swisher !!!!!!!!

    Would you like to see he putrid and pathetic James baLoney playing first base for us next season?  I say we had better decide which first base candidate to go after and get one of them before they all disappear off the charts and we see the inept Cherington once again ink the disgusting Loney.  It is something I do not put past Cherington.



    Fred, how many times does it have to be explained to you that the Sox did NOT trade FOR James Loney?  He was a makeweight the Dodgers forced the Sox to take on because a) he had no position with them once AGon was acquired, and 2) his salary was significant and part of the negotiated agreement between the clubs.

    C'mon, it's not hard to understand....why do you keep repeating the nonsense that the Sox "inked" Loney as if the Sox sought Loney's services?

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