The Yankees are in a very precarious position with Mariano Rivera. After watching them its become pretty plausibel that they do not need him, but their fan base loves him as one of the original Yankees like Jeter, Pettit, Jeter, and Posada. The Yankees with their unending finances can afford to pay these guys well after their meaningful years are behind them. The Yankees overpayed on Jeter even though their were no obvious suiters for him. I believe Cashman did not want to go the money that they spent on Jeter but he was placed in the situation of paying for him because of the popularity of the player with the fan base and that Yankee Captain titled he carried. On Posada they went one year too many and he struggled last year in his last year of an approximate 15 million a year contract. The Yankees do not need Rivera and 15 million is way too much to pay for him next year but they will probably overpay for him next year because of that popularity and his passed performance with the Yankees. He has been one of the best closers in the game but next year is clearly a reach for him coming back at his age from a double ligament major knee surgery. Soriano has done a good job and they have Robertson waiting in the wings to take over after coming back from his injury. Its going to be an interesting off season for the Yankees on seeing what they are going to commit in money to Rivera and their other needs and supposedly wanting to get their payroll under control with Granderson and Cano on the contract radar in the off season.