Micheal Young has cleared waivers

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    Re: Micheal Young has cleared waivers

    I've been an advocate for acquiring Young if he's still got something left and is into being part of a playoff and post-season run.  I haven't trusted Brandon Snyder since that hideous error in Anaheim that is symptomatic of Sax-Knoblouch Syndrome.  

    Brock Holt is definitely a keeper, at least for now.  I like Holt's versatility, both in terms of his ability to play shortstop and second and his skill set.  While he may not be a base stealer, Holt would be the best pinchrunning option off the bench in late innings if available, something that could figure in big in a tight and crucial game.

    With Young, the challenge would be balancing everybody's playing time.  I'd still like to see Holt in there against most righties and Young would have to be content with fewer starts.  They could maybe spell Drew against a lefty now and then.  

    As far as Xander goes, I'd love to see how he fares at the MLB level and he should get a shot, but I wouldn't pencil him on anything just yet.  If Xander shows promise that he can be like Ellsbury 2007, they can play musical chairs with the roster between Young and Xander for each post season series.

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    Re: Micheal Young has cleared waivers

    I admit I am jumping to huge conclusions here, but a year or two of great power numbers that go away as the PEDs investigation finally becomes serious leads me to huge suspicions.  Unless and until they legalize PEDs, stay away from Mark Reynolds.  To say he has RH power is to ignore the last 2 1/2 months of the season.  Middlebrooks would be the better option.  Bogaerts, after a few more games' experience at third, will be the much better option.

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    Re: Micheal Young has cleared waivers

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    i honestly think picking up mark reynolds is a better option than mike young at this point. youngs d has declined big time and his offensive numbers are pretty average this year. Ideally we bring up boegarts or middlebrooks, but if ben wants to give them more time, pick up mark reynolds. yes reynolds strikes out alot, but he also has something that the sox are missing, right handed power. He has 15 homers, which would rank 2nd on the sox this year. the cost would likely be very low, i for one think he is worth a shot. With the monster in LF, he could do some real damage.


    The Indians are in the race and probably arent looking to get rid of their 1b. hes a better 1b than a 3b anyway.

    Besides we already have the same player with napoli as far as K's go, except naps has about 100pts on him in OPS. We dont need MR and his .203BA and .307OBP. At least Naps gets on base, has a better SLG and a better BA than MR.



    Just saw this on HBT SP.. Looks like the very rare occasion that you are wrong has shown itself..http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/08/08/indians-designate-mark-reynolds-for-assignment/


    With that being said, I still think reynolds is a better option at 3B than Snyder against left handed pitching... 

    Since June 1, Reynolds has 2 HR and 7 RBI, exactly the same totals as Snyder.


    Reynolds .484 OPS  in that span is considerably lower than Snyder's .646.