Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

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    Grienke is a ROY and Cy Young award winner...how many sox pitchers have those credentials?  ben is just too chickenchit to pull the trigger....seems like he has great success so far but ben is a "glass is half empty kind of guy"

    Lots of guys win CY awards.  Peavey, Carpenter, and Colon for example.  Should we go after them simply because they won the CY?  In the 3 years since the CY, Greinke has had a 3.83 ERA, with a 1.215 Whip.  

    1-The 3.83 makes him #50 in BB over the past 3 years.

    2-He is 1-12 on the road against the ALE.


    3-His ERA at the old YS is a solid 8.82, while his ERA at the new YS is 31.50.

    4-His playoff ERA is 6.48.

    Care to comment on items 1-4?

    those are selective stats that indicate nothing/who was he pitching for? what kind of teams did he have?...why not cite the big picture? who is better than him in the sox rotation? you are coming off a 69 win season and you are going to make your decision on what his era was in two away ballparks with the two best hitting teams in the game? sounds like more ben voodoo risk aversion

    No it sounds like using data to make a decision.


    There are a lot of pitchers who would make the rotation an upgrade, cinsidering we got a ton of starts out of Aaron Cook.  The idea of spending for the sake of spending got us guys like Renteria, Crawford, Lugo, Clement, etc.  The idea of spending smartly got us Manny, although he was one of the biggest no-brainer's in free agent history.  Is Greinke a Crawford or is he a Manny?  If you aer going to commit over $120mill to a player, you probably should know this.


    There are plenty of guys who could help the Sox next season and beyond, and all of them are still available. 

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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?


    From John Heyman 


    Coveted free-agent catcher/first baseman Mike Napoli is meeting with the Red Sox in Boston this weekend, sources said.

    Napoli has at least three teams in pursuit, including the Mariners and incumbent Rangers. Jim Duquette of Sirius/XM reported Napoli already met with the Mariners and has a meeting slated for Texas sometime this coming week.

    The Red Sox's interest in Napoli is no surprise. He has been a Red Sox killer throughout his career and has a lifetime 1.107 OPS at Fenway Park, which fits his righty pull swing.

    Boston has already signed catcher David Ross and right-handed hitter Jonny Gomes this winter, but envisions Napoli as a first baseman/catcher hybrid. With Ross already in the fold, a Napoli signing would mean the Red Sox have to trade one of their catchers, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia would be most likely to go. Ryan Lavarnway is the well-regarded catching prospect.

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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

    I won't be surprised if they get Napoli - thi smanagement team has no idea what they are doing. 


    But they are cornering the market of mediocre catchers. 

    That way when another team wants a mediocre catcher - they have to deal with the Red sox.

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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

    I'm not a big fan of Napoli as a catcher. I'm not so sure he will do much better overall (O + D + Game handling) than Salty.

    FYI, what is "mediocre" for a MLB catcher?

    Here are the mediocre team catcher numbers from 2010-2012 combined:

    #10 Red Sox  .238/.300/.433/.733

    #12 Tigers     .252/.337/.393/.729

    #14 Yanks    .239/.329/.395/.724

    #15 Jays      .242/.290/.432/.722

    #16 Indians .234/.338/.383/.722

    #18 Dodgers .243/.334/.372/.706

    #20 Padres   .241/.313/.369/.682

    7 teams had an OPS below .655.

    5 teams had an OPS below .640.


    I really think people expect too much from the catcher position or have a false sense of what the average MLB catcher's performance level is... at least offensively.

    Some of the top 30 catchers by PAs from 2010-2012:

    1) Posey   .893

    2) Napoli   .875

    3) VMart   .847

    10) Avila  .781

    15) AJ Pz .748

    20) Lucroy .738

    21) Salty    .737

    25) Torrea .694

    30) Suzuki .655

    31) Marston .594

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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

    In response to phxvlsoxfan's comment:

    Napoli for 4 years would be more ludicrous than any signing this franchise has ever made. Yes, worse than Crawford, Lugo or Lackey.  Unless there's a new rule in the works that would allow him to DH for Iggy, he has no value for more than one year, and even that is a risk.  We already have lousy hitting catcher, and now a corner OF who makes Manny look like a GG'er.  Stop the insanity.

    That makes no sense at all...a 4/40M deal is worse than 7/142 or 5/85?? Even if you dont think he deserves 40M and 4 years, his swing IS made for fenway and has power from the right side. We all knew CC was not a good fit here and I believe everyone scratched their head at lackey making 15+M a year  after posting declining numbers for 2+ years already.

    At least there are pluses with Napoli AND at less years and money that wont even come close to keeping this team from making more moves.

    So once again, this makes no sense at all...


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    Re: Mike Napoli and FOUR Years?

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    When we signed J. D. Drew for 5 years there was virtually no way he was going to be worth it in that 5th year.  It was more like a 4 year deal with a bonus year given to Drew.  If we give Napoli the 4th year the same principle would apply, IMO.  It's the cost of free agency.

    agree 100% Hfx...

    This is usually the best way to view FA. If you think you can get 3 solid years of production, then the 4th is a "gimmie"...Its just the name of the game. I dont make the rules...It is what it is.