MLB to Investigate Twittie Tweets Suggesting Liquid Benzo-Performance Blockers Were Present in Yankee and Tigers Clubhouse Water Coolers and Gatorade Containers in the ALCS and World Series Respectively

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    MLB is currently investigating a number of Twittie Tweets this evening which suggested that liquid Benzo-Performance Blockers such as Ativan and Klonopin were tacitly mixed into the Yankee clubhouse water coolers and Gatorade containers during the ALCS, and later into the Detroit Tigers water and Gatorade supply during the current World Series.  Online baseball pundit Jess Passedon was quoted as twitting, "Why else would the Yankee and Tigers offense shut down like they had just been exposed to Legionnaire's Disease at a baseball card convention.  Makes no sense....Something is rotten in Denmark, and it is not the recent play of Caroline Wozniacki...." Buster Only twitted:"This might rival the Black Sox World Series debacle of 1919.  Selig needs to get to the bottom of this mess right now..."

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