It looks like we are starting to see the backup plan in case Dice K can't hack it as a starter this year.  So far the Sox struck pay dirt when they converted Morales into a starter.  I think we could be seeing the Sox plan unfold in front of us tonight with Mortensen's terrific job in relief for 71 pitches.  

I don't see Mortensen repeating his mechanics as well as Morales.  Looking back at his numbers shows that he last started last year in the minors but not successfully.  He did have decent numbers in 2010 as a starter, but they certainly were nothing to write home about.  To be honest, I'm not sure if Mortensen is the answer if we need more than this one start and I am hoping that it was just a fluke night for Dice. 

What does everyone think of the prospect of Mortensen taking over starts for Dice if need be?