my take on papi

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    papi has given the sox  years.but i really dont think he will be any factor this

    year.he will get hurt before we know it and his age is against him.

    i just dont see him even playing half the year.


    nOW THEN, Be prepared to be attacked by all the soooo smart T-BALLERS on this board........  This is a clear example of when your/my eyes do not know what they are seeing !!!







    Thanks for starting a new topic on this to share your 'take'.  I agree that he is getting up there in years but I think he will be more of a factor than some think.  Even just having him in the lineup changes things for opposing pitchers..even if he may not be 100%.  Let's also not forget people...HE HAS been taking batting practice regularly.  It's not like he is just running every other day for a few minutes and that's it.  I think the whole 'timing thing' has been a bit over blown.  Now do it hink the Sox should have paid him less?  Yes.  Should thay have only done one year with an option?  Yes.  Should his contract been incentive laden?  Yes.  But it's NOT....we can complain all we want about that..but it's not going to change anything.







    BTW....Bill....have you EVER written anything constructive in your 13,000 posts?  I would send you to the ignore list that you love so much.....but then I would be missing my comedic relief....





      As DAD would say ..............  "SON, check your math, its 15,000+ and counting" !!!!     But whos keeping score ???








    Hey Math Genius.....this is a thread from 4 months ago....back then you had 13,000 posts.  Maybe your dad should have sent you to school....




    BTW...thanks for bringing my post from this thread back up....looks like I was spot on and you were wrong...AGAIN!! 



    Like great pitching, its not always about right & wrong !!!



     amazing Math skills tell me that you made 2,000 posts in 4.5 months....  For real, do you have a life Bill??  Get out of the group home...  There is life out there other than on-line forums....


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