Napoli Deal Still on Hold After Physical Reveals Hip Issue...

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    Re: Napoli Deal Still on Hold After Physical Reveals Hip Issue...

    If Ben had only listened to the clown and offered $1M contracts to 3rd rate starting pitchers who ended up signing for $3+M, we'd have been much better off!

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    Re: Napoli Deal Still on Hold After Physical Reveals Hip Issue...

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    Please Kill the Napoli deal. 

    I hope so too. 


    Trying to sign Napoli is like trying to finance a Korean car with a history of mechanical issues.  LOL


    You mean the KIA with the 10 year/100K warranty?

    Sorry moon, but have you driven a KIA lately.  We are on our second.  My wife loves the Sorento.  No complaints at all in 2 years of ownership and the 36,000 mile checkup cost me $27.00

    On the baseball front, the problem I have with 808s plan (while it is well thought out and works to make an offensive team that is strong for the next 5 or so years) is that it does not at all address the real problem.  There were plenty of years the Sox had strong offenses and never saw the post-season.  That all changed when they got legit #1 and #2 starters and a lights out closer with strong relief for innings 7 and 8.

    That formula worked in 2004, and then repeated itself in 2007.  Admittedly, it also included two mashers in the middle of the lineup with a supporting cast of guys having career type years and relatively few injuries.

    Ben has resurrected the bullpen perhaps.  But we all have to hope that Lester and Buchholz can be the Martinez and Schilling of the 2013 Sox if we are to see the post-season again.  And then there is the absence of the true mashers in the middle of the batting order.  That is why Hamilton made sense to me on a 5 year deal.  And that is why Harden and Sanchez or Grienke even, made better targets to me than Napoli, Victorino and Drew.  That is a total of 36 million a year that could have been used to sign Harden and Sanchez and still have room for signing Soriano (no need to trade for Hanrahan).  That would have been my all in plan:  Hamilton, Harden, Sanchez, Soriano and Youkilis for 1B (if a guy with a bad hip with a swing made for Fenway and good OBP has to be in the lineup at 1B I would prefer it be Youk, since he is a lot cheaper).

    Ells-CF, Pedroia-2B, Hamilton-RF, Ortiz-DH, Middlebrooks-3B, Youk-1B, Salty/Lavarnway-C, Kalish/Nava-LF, Iggy/Ciriaco-SS

    Harden, Lester, Buchholz, Sanchez, Lackey, Doubront

    Soriano, Bailey, Tazawa, Miller, Melancon, Morales, Mortenson 

    Not saying it is perfect, but all of the youngsters would still be in place, and the Sox, if Harden and Sanchez remain healthy, and Buchholz and Lester pitch to their career norms, the Sox would have a legit shot at the post-season for about the same money they spent now.