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    new sox.

    i like the idea of the new sox.start younger players which has been called for.get rid of high priced players and be like the royals or pirates.i like the whole trade.i agree with burrito.nobody thought this year's team was good enough so they start over and now people are complaining that they won't get good enough players back.the sox won't win fan approval unless they traded muaro gomez for king felix.i like the sox and like what they are doing.
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    Re: new sox.

    Be like the royals or pirates... Your kidding right.

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    Re: new sox.

    How long do you want to wait ... the Pirates went like 20 years without a winning season.   Just a winning season.

    The Royals were on top when I was a kid.  I'm now 56.  It's been over 25 years since KC made a ripple.