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Next Manager

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    Re: Next Manager

    In response to BsLegion's comment:

    Go get Joe Maddon !!! 


    Maddon would be my choice!

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    Re: Next Manager

    art howe or willie randolph

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    Re: Next Manager

    I like the Tony Pena idea if they want to go clean slate.  Former catchers have a good track record as MLB managers and he did win a manger of the year award.

    I also like the idea of Demarlo Hale.  It would be like admitting they were wrong and bringing back a Tito guy, because we all know he isn't walking back through that door.  Hale seems like he would tough but reasonable and i think the current players respect him.  He knows the front office guys and the organization.  He has a bit of insight on the Orioles after being their 3rd base coach.  By all accounts he is manager material as teams have interviewed him for openings in the past.  Maybe he could bring Rick Peterson with him from Baltimore as the pitching coach.  I'm not crazy about them giving up anything significant to get Farrell.  Mills will end up back w/ Francona.  Bogar has the Valentine taint on him.  Let's make it Pena or Hale.

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    Re: Next Manager

    Tony Pena...the guy who Kansas EFFING City.  No way.  If he had personal stuff going there and bailed, how can he handle Boston?


    But...he was better the year before he quit...and has served his time in NY...i dunno, I'm not sold.


    I know I'm definitely not in favor of John Farrell.  He contributed to the erosion of our pitching staff, and managed the Blue Jays into the ground further... I'm not sure why people are saying he's the answer.


    Joe Torre would be can he NOT have the respect of all players on the Sox?  Young or old...they'd listen to him without a doubt.  If he could tell "the boss" to go screw on things, he'd certainly listen to Larry and then in very nice words, tell him the same thing.

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    Re: Next Manager

    I was hoping that Ryne Sandberg would be on the list - but it looks like the Phillies promoted him the the ML level

    I also like Pena - smart tough and a player favorite.



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    Re: Next Manager

    Pena didn't resign. He "resigned."


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    Re: Next Manager

    In response to TrotterNixon's comment:

    Joe Torre as the GM and the manager.

    Joe Maddon is simply a product of the old system which allowed bottom feeder teams to load up on a bunch of high draft picks. The problem is that the Rays overloaded on the value of pitching and failed to balance offense in the equation and are a both an embarrassment in AL East offense production and as a business model.

    Why not Torre as CEO, replacing Lucchino with Pena as Manager?