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Next Red Sox Manager

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    Next Red Sox Manager

    I would like to see Jason Varitek,as the next manager of the Boston Red Sox.I realise that he has no managerial experience,but Jason is a student of the game & that is a critical characteristic of any good manager.The very fact that HE caught 4 no-hitters in the Majors is a testament to his work ethic.(The catchers' of no-hitters do not get enough credit for these rare feats.)Jason,given the opportunity to manage the Red Sox,would be an asset to our team.

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    no question eyerishiam

    there are plenty of examples of ex catchers making v good mgr's

    I think most agree if teks wants it he will get his chance

    the rub comes on whether it's a good idea to have a

    guy with no coaching experience managing a team with players he played with

    in a large market like boston


    girardi had a hard time with both ex teammates and the large press

    and he had already won Manager of the Year

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    Varitek's not going to be the manager. They just hired him for a special assistant to the GM.

    He'd be stupid to take a job where he is front and center and would get blamed when things go badly. He is much better off getting his post playing career feet wet behind the scenes.

    I don't care who they hire, but please don't hire another egomaniac like Valentine. Anybody who expected miracles from this guy believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    I agree with zac and ZILLAGOD. It's too soon for Varitek to manage. Especially at the major league level. Also what ZIL said about an egomaniac is true. But I don't want to see a puppet either. Whoever the manger turns out to be needs to be allowed to choose his own coaches and not be interfered with concerning the running of the team on the field or in the clubhouse.

    The thing that worries me most about Varitek is that he would put a big stupin M on his uniform where the big stupid C used to be. :)

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    Yeah, that's not going to happen. This time, anyway.


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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    Farrell is not the answer, neither is Bogar. The FO had the right idea to bring in someone from outside the organization. Valentine was too controversial.

    its obvious this team is accustomed to a player's guy, so it would make sense to get someone not far removed from playing. Look at the success of guys like Gerardi, Matheny, Gibson, etc. Francona lacked the ability to bring a hammer when needed.



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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    I think the Red Sox should go after either Sandy Alomar Jr. or Tony Pena. I'm not impressed with Farrell. to give up your best prospects is not a good call on the front office. 

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    The Manager is not the most important guy--it's who he brings along to assist and give good instruction and can communicate with the manager and players.

    Robin Ventura had been out of a dugout years before the WS hired him. He had good lieutenants that he trusted and could communicate. Varitek would do the same thing.

    Arnie Beyeler would be the same kind of guy. Good assistants especially a good Bench Coach that you can work with.

    But if BenC wants Farrell--let him live or die with him.

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    Re: Next Red Sox Manager

    Well, like posters mentioned above.  Picking the best manager may not guarantee a WS title.  Look at Francona's years managing the Red Sox.  He started off by having a great core of assistant coaches when his team won the WS in 2004 and 2007.  All suddenly his assistants left Boston for a better job, and then Francona's team went on a decline.  Is that the main reason why Boston fell apart lately.  In someway yes, or in someway no.  But I do think that itwas mostly a mxture of poor coaching and poor free agency signings by Theo.

    Anyway, I do think that Boston just need a whole new staffings especially the hitting coach and pitching coach.