Nice feature at  9 factoids/stats to tantalize us with insights that might affect the outcome of games.  Authored by Bill Chuck.

But the current one--leading into the Twins series-- is a little off in my view.  First, no mention of the weather which in fact will be a big change for the Sox--from the mid 80's in Texas to the mid 50's or lower (temp goes down to the 30's tonight or early tomorrow morning).  Second, he goes on at some length to show that Bradley can't hit curves, sliders, or fast balls.  We are talking about well below the Mendoza line, below .100.  Something ain't right with that picture because Bradley's BA is in fact above the Mendoza line.  And Bradley's OBP (on base percentage), .328, is in fact higher than Victorino's, Sizemore's, Gomes', Carp's, Pierzynski's, and Ross's--and just slightly below the team's OBP of .337.   As for K's, Bradley is in good company because the whole team is 4th (hitting stats) in K's so far in the AL.  Bradley has 36, as does Bogaerts, and Napoli has 38.  Four guys--add Gomes to the group--K about every third at bat. 

I do like some of his other points, like both teams are hitting well and Doubront and Buchholz are struggling--he even gives us splits on first time thru the order, second time, etc.  Sizemore is hitting .280 recently, but no dingers in a month.  Good stuff.