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     The most endearing label put on Boston players is that of the "Dirt Dog". Fans adore and admire those guys that get the uni dirty, take an extra base, run into walls and play with reckless abandon. Trot Nixon is the prototypical player for this genre and certainly Dusty and Youkilis were in the same mode. Is everything the fan perceives it to be? If a guy can't stay healthy, how much does he help the team?  The following guys are dirt dogs:
    Pedroia, wow, he's been injured a lot lately, can't see him in the running for another MVP, can you?
    Youkilis, three seasons of injuries and it's off to Chi town.
    Ellsbury, one full season in three, not a good ratio.
    Lackey, tough guy pitched his arm off it's socket.
    Dice-K, same thing as Lackey, too tough for his own good.
    Varitek, so tough he lingered for too long.
    Kalish, running into walls, and diving all over the place has given him what? Nothing.
    Ryan Sweeney, concussion from diving, just stop already, it's a long season.
    Carl Crawford, he works so hard he gets hurt re-habbing, nuff said.
    Players who are not Dirt Dogs;
    A-Gon, he cant run, so he doesn't, but stays in the line-up, doesn't he?
    Big Papi, gets his 4 AB's a day, and takes about 7 games in the field per year, the anti dirt dog, and at 37, their best offensive force.
    Salty, stops what he can, doesn't push it and he leads AL catchers.
    Cody Ross, gets turned around on fly balls, doen't kill himself out there, the one injury he had was from fouling a ball off his foot, no purple heart for that.
    Mike Aviles, ready to play everyday, hasn't had to change his uniform in a week now.
     With the trade deadline approaching let us hope we get more slackers and fewer Dirt Dogs to make the team heathier and well, better.
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     Players traded are not dirt dogs, Hanley Ramirez, not a dirt dog.