No team has Ellsbury as their "#1 priority"

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    Re: No team has Ellsbury as their

    OK.....  Sure looks like my "sources" were full of hot air!  That is of course, if they ever really existed in the first place? ;)  Guess we'll never really know for sure.  Perhaps my "sources" may have been in league with Stiffy's "sources?"

    So much for the powers of positive thinking!  

    This is certainly a very sad day s for most Red Sox fans!

    Don't despare though.  Johnny D. Walked, look where the Sox went from there.  We will rise again!  I have faith in this GM, BC.

    Ells will be missed!!!!!  But the Sox will rise again!  This just gives us one more reason to really hate the Yankees!   Red Sox save big & drive Yankee spending out of control yet again.....  A la Reagan's brilliant strategy of spending the USSR into oblivion.  The empire will collapse, & The Sox will come out on top yet again.  :)

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