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Now that Paps is gone

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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    After the 2010 season I was ready to see Paps go, but after the 2011 season - not so much. 

    BUT...  that was his decision to make and we have to live with it.  It also shouldn't surprise anyone since he's been saying  and demonstrating all along that he was going to play out the string with the Sox and go wherever the money's the greenest. His goal was to be the highest paid reliever and once he got that offer his quest was over.

    I believe he's going to like the money - and the status of being 'highest paid reliever' - very much, but I don't think he's going to like pitching there.  As it was pointed out in another thread, the Phil's lead all of baseball in complete games so he's not going to get in as often.  

    I've thought all along that he's THE Poster Child for ADHD and in Boston has become something he likes very much, the center of attention.  That may not happen for him in Philly.  But.. he DOES have all that money to fall back on.  Smile
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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    I think Jonathan's leaving will help Ortiz's effort to stay here.  He still will have to get realistic about what he wants.
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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    Papel dope is gone.

    No more riverdance.

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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    I would say move aceves to the rotation, move bard to closer, sign Joe Nathan and one other solid reliever that is not type A, and sign another bona fide starter (Beuhrle?).
    This would leave us with
    Matsuzaka(when he comes back)

    Wheeler(if we bring him back)
    Hill(When he comes back)
    Wilson(if he is ready)

    This would allow us to have a solid rotation, 3 solid arms at the back of the pen, plenty of competition for the pen, and Doubrant and Weiland ready to step up and start when needed. To give the staff even more depth we could take on a reclamation project such as Webb
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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    In Response to Re: Now that Paps is gone:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Now that Paps is gone : if you think Lardazz Josh is better than Lester the last three years then you need meds...'nuff said....
    Posted by georom4[/QUOTE

    Well its a good thing im not talking about the last three years then isnt it and even if i was in 2009 John lester was only slightly better then beckett. In 2010 Josh was injurred get over it itwas a lost year, and in 2011 Beckett has a much better year then John Lester has ever had, the Sub 3 Era in the Al east should give you all the information you need. Oh and how many teams has John lester lead to the world series? that would be 0 and beckett? that would be 2. I dont hate john lester but the hatred that you and Bill have developed for Beckett is insane, without Beckett next year this team would not even be have as good as it was this year. Hey lets trade one of the Top 5 pitchers in the american league... and you think i need meds?
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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    so far a lot of people have mentioned madson, bell, nathan as guys who the sox should get to replace papelbon. At first i thought bell would be the best choice but i didnt realize that the guy i am about to mention is available. He is 29, has made the all star team multiple times, and has pitched in the AL. His name is francisco rodriguez. I think he would be a great replacement for paps. both bell and madson have only pitched in the NL, bell 34 years old and madson is a career set up man. nathan is coming off tommy john surgery and is in his mid thirties, no thanks. K-rod would not cost any draft picks and would likely be cheaper than madson and perhaps bell. k-rod is the guy the sox need. he makes the most sense. 
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    Re: Now that Paps is gone

    In Response to Now that Paps is gone:
    1. Do they Bring back Papi?  It was far-fetched to think they would bring back both, but with that 50 million saved is there now money for David?  I say yes.  Then move on from Beltran and find a less expensive RH bat for the OF. 2.  Who is the closer?  Madson would seem to be available.  He is younger and likely less expensive than Bell.  Perhaps they target "set up" types and move Bard to closer.  If Papelbon is worth 12 than Madson is about 10, maybe they bring him in for 3/30ish.  Bell's age scares me on anything longer than 3 years but he will cost Papelbon money.
    Posted by Thesemenarecowards

    I have always been high on Madson so hopefully the Sox will swoop him up as part of our renovation project.  Pap "like Damon" had this ego that told them to move on because they simply think their services can't be replaced.  I don't think the Sox had any intension of signing Pap, so the wait drove Pap crazy which prompted him to jump ship, rather than waiting to see if the Sox bid higher. 

    I hope we play the Phillies next season in the WS and our hitters get a chance to see the steady diet of Pap fastballs.