Of all our problems, injuries have hurt the most

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    Re: Of all our problems, injuries have hurt the most

    Agree pitching and not injuries is the biggest problem.  Buchholz, Lester, and Beckett all with ERA's around 5 in August.  Doubront faded.  Morales might be, ditto Cook.  Matsuzaka no help.  10th or 11th best ERA in the AL.  Lackey on the DL not a problem.

    As for injuries, they have affected every lineup position except SS, C, and 1B.  Since most teams don't expect to field big bats at SS and C, the injuries have affected 6 of the 7 positions where hitting is important--LF, CF, RF, 3B, 2B, and DH.  Right now the Sox are using Punto and Ciriaco and the other guy to fill in for Middlebrooks, a much better hitter than any of them and the guy who finally equalled Ted Williams rbi and dinger output in his first 73 games or so.  As for Ortiz at the DH, it's laughable who has been filling in, but mostly it's been guys who can't hit breaking balls.  Now CC, who was starting to look like the real Carl Crawford, goes back on the DL and Nava will fill in. 

    The good news is some of the fill-ins have been decent, but the bad news is this lineup stopped being tough and fearsome some time ago. 

    The deficiencies in the rotation and in the lineup feed on each other so that, for example, when Beckett is almost decent in giving up 4 runs, the lineup can only score 1, the dinger by AGon.  Or the lineup ties a game at 9-9, and the bullpen immediately gives back 1, a game-winner.  I live in the DC area and occasionally check on the Orioles, and they have been in that dew-loop for years.  This year they are finally finding ways to win games--good pitching when they need it, decent hitting when they need it.

    As bad as the pitching is, the Sox would be over .500 if they had great hitting like they had in 2004 and almost had last year. Or they would be over .500 if the team ERA were close to 4.00 or slightly under.

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