Official "HOT STOVE" thread for 2013 .............

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    Ellsbury will have value to a team who is on the cusp, like Texas or Cincinnati...If traded this offseason a compensation pick would be attached to the deal. I wouldnt give him away, but I would listen to all offers.

    He would also have value a the deadline as well. Especially if hes having a solid season. Although there would be no compensation pick, a contending team would still give up something of value if they though it would put them over the edge to win a WS.

    not according to moonslav59

    Yeah, me and Moon do not see eye to eye on some of our offseason wishes. But thats OK. Thats what this forum is all about. I appreciate that hes civil about things even in disagreement and provides data to back up some of his thoughts with certain players...

    Heres something I would like to pursue in regards to the catching position.

    I think we should keep Salty for his final year of arb for a couple reasons. 1)  Familiarity with pitchers 2) His defensive improvement...Although some here refuse to recognize it, it is indeed there with numbers and the intangibles that numbers do not cover.

    I think Lavarnway should play one more year in AAA and get the bulk of the load. It was obvious that he still needs some work and its only fair to him and the sox if he gets as much time behind the plate as possible. The only way to do that is in AAA. I dont think it would be a smart move to name him the starting catcher in 2013.

    I would like to get David Ross as a BU catcher to platoon with Salty. Ross is a strong defensive catcher who is also a RHH. He, along with Tek will give Salty everything he needs so we can determine if Salty should be extended and will be the catcher going forward past 2013 or if we go in another direction.

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