After the crushing disappointment of the blown September in 2011, this year’s Red Sox came out of the gate fast and never looked back.

It’s tough to pick a MVP as there are so many deserving candidates…AGon with his 33 home runs and 123 RBIs and league leading 55 doubles; Ellsbury and Crawford who scored many of those 123 runs….actually almost 200 between them, with 72 stolen bases to boot…..Big Papi being Big Papi with 37 homeruns and 101 batted in…..not to mention Kevin Youkliss, who may be on the downside of a great career but who still finished 275/22/67 spelling Middlebrooks, AGon and Papi when they needed a break….

And of course, the pitching…Beckett and Lester throwing each pitch as if they meant it and winning 37 games between them, Bucky showing poise and maturity all season long, and of course,, the most ,memorable performance of Fenway’s 100 year anniversary, Tim Wakefield setting the all time wins record for the Sox and coming out every 5 days to eat innings, give his bullpen a break……..and win 15 games to boot…….

And a bullpen of Aceves, Bard and Melancon setting up Andrew Bailley for fifty two saves……

And as a fitting end to the regular season, knocking the Yankees out of post season contention with 3 games to go…….

So off to the post season with home field advantage…….


Oh, wait, that’s the alternative reality two tau over to the left. My bad.