Ortiz Did not have a good night last night

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    Ortiz Did not have a good night last night

    .....Toronto pitcher Ramon Ortiz that is..! Ortiz struggled from the first pitch..something the score did not reflect very well. The Sox got many men on base and the way Ortiz was acting in between pitches and batters reflected a man who was frustrated and a bit of a head case.

    On the other hand..our Sox slugger Ortiz really seemed to enjoy himself last night. I was lucky enough to have great seats for last night's game so really got to see a lot of the things you don't get to see on TV. Ortiz may not have had an RBI  or a hit last night..but two things come to mind. ( the sociologist in me can't help but be very observant of human interaction..lol) First..Ortiz is loved by fans. Every single time he went up to the plate he got the loudest cheers of any batter. Red Sox Nation for sure loves their Big Papi.

    Second..and most important...is Ortiz' interactions with other players. It's abundantly clear that in addition to his skills at the plate..Ortiz brings something to the clubhouse that you simply cannot put a price on. The players look up to him..and you can tell he keeps them loose.

    I was thrilled to be at Fenway to see my favorite Sox pitcher come oh..so close to throwing a perfect game. Lester..for sure was the story of the game..but Papi standing there waiting to give Lester a giant Papi hug as he came off the field.

    Although I was not thrilled with Ortiz' two year deal at first.....I am okay with it if it means that Ortiz plays the role of motivator and cheerleader in chief...in addition to his skills at the plate. Ortiz has given us a lot of great years. I hope the incessant criticism of him by all our armchair athletes eventually comes to an end..but somehow I don't think Ortiz is overly concerned by their views. When one has a lot of friends and fans...they tend to take the incessant criticism and negativity for what it is...pettiness.

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