Over/Unders for 2013

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    Over/Unders for 2013

    Longtime reader here although I do most of my posting on the Pats forum.  The season is almost a month through.  Was curious on people's opinions about the rest of the season.  Here are a few Over/Unders for the whole season (not RoS).  Where do people stand?


    Ellsbury SB: 49.5

    Victorino Combined SB and HR: 39.5

    Pedroia Runs Scored: 104.5

    Napoli Combined HR and RBI: 129.5

    Ortiz HR: 24.5

    Salty AB: 424.5

    Middlebrooks BA: 249.5

    Drew Games Played: 99.5



    Lester Wins: 17.5

    Buccholz IP: 199.5

    Dempster K's: 189.5

    Lackey ERA: 4.00

    Doubront ERA: 4.50

    Bailey Saves: 34.5



    Red Sox Wins: 89.5



    Number of Times Softy is Called a Clown: 29.5

    Number of Ellsbury Threads: 19.5

    Number of Fake Pike Accts That Deny Being Pike: 2.5

    Number of Conan Posts about Baseball: .5

    Number of Threads about Reddick or Lowrie: 9.5







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    Re: Over/Unders for 2013

    My Picks:

    Ellsbury: Over

    Vic: Under

    Pedey: Over

    Naps: Over

    Ortiz: Under

    Salty: Under

    Middlebrooks: Under

    Drew: Under


    Lester: Over

    Buchholz: Under

    Dempster: Over

    Lackey: Over

    Doubront: Over

    Bailey: Over


    Red Sox: Over


    Softy: Over

    Ellsbury Threads: Over

    Pike: Under

    Conan: Under

    Reddick/Lowrie: Over