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Panicking part II

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    Panicking part II

    It's the fans.  I don't think the players are so much about to panic good or bad at this point.  It is also based on how fans project.  There are many that say we shouln't get overconfident, as if they are going to get complacent if we assume too much.  That is not going to happen.  The players play, we fan.

    Then there is there are the fans who use the "we" when referring to what the team needs to do.  My question to them is "whhat position do you play?"

    We have a fan base that can't be happy unless they are miserable anbout something.  Examples are: 

    1)  Who is this college college that the Celtics hired, he is going to get killed.

    2) Tyler Seguin will (not might) come back to make the Bruins regret this for years

    3) The Patriots are going to revert back to the days of no receivers and Brady will have no one to throw to.

    Relax people.  Enjoy what we have had in Boston for what is now about 12 years. 

    Sure the bubble may burst with the Red Sox at some point this year and then again, it might keep going.  So far they have given us a very exciting season and looking at the kids, a promising future.  It was coming, but no one thought it might happen this year.

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