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    papelnon: "absolutely joke if PUIG makes all-star team!".. agree?

    couldnt disagree more. its a showcase exhibition that counts. u think the nl manager wants anyone else out there with 2 outs and down by a run in the bottom of the ninth? give me a break! puig should b a lock. would b like bo jackson in that famous all-star game when he launched it out of the park. this is must-see tv even for the casual viewer or fan. while we are at it, throw in iggy as well!

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    Re: papelnon:

    After only 106 ML AB's, I think there are players more deserving than him, or Iggy (135AB) for that matter. Puig will have many years to be in the ASG. Same with Iggy.

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    Re: papelnon:

    There isn't any such thing as "must see T.V."

    I missed the Bo Jackson HR you spoke about. I missed entire seasons of Dallas, I haven't watched a Superbowl for about 5 years, I didn't see the final episodes of Seinfeld, MASH, Cheers , I wouldn't be caught dead watching nonsense like Jersey Shore, I did however see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin supposedly walk on the moon.

    I guess the closest thing in my life to "must see T.V." was on Sept 11 , 2001, when you simply couldn't turn the T.V. off because of the horror that was unfolding and knowing of it's historical impact.

    What is a "joke" is that anyone really buys the whole MLB business that "the All Star game really means something." What it means to me is that advertisers love it when you spend a July evening sitting in front the set so they can feed you endless commercials for Taco Bell, Geico, Pizza Hut, 5 Hour Energy and countless other products you can live easily without.

    "There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.-Josh Billings