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Peavy to the A's?

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    Re: Peavy to the A's?

    In response to BMav's comment:

    I am a bit concerned about Cliff Lee. He pitched poorly his last 3 starts giving up 24 hits, 8 homers, and 13 earned runs in 19 innings. In his last of those starts, he had his worst velocity of the last 3 seasons. Then he misses his next start. Then says he will see a doctor. Then goes on the trading block. Nobody concerned about paying somebody in that situation more then anybody in baseball and giving up prospects aswell?

    Absolutely. If there is a question about his health or fitness, you cannot make that kind of investment. It would be a gamble that could pay off or backfire completely. In the end, it is best to be cautious. The trading deadline creates a false sense of urgency that something has to be done. Lee is the biggest difference maker on the market. The risk is high and the reward is high. Personally , I would prefer to see us keep and utilize our top young prospects in an attempt to win this year and also in the years ahead.  I think Ben feels that way also, but the pressure to " do something " at the deadline is hard to resist. We will find out shortly. 

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