Pedroia 2013

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    Re: Pedroia 2013

    Even when Dustin does not get a hit, he wears down pitchers and always hustles to first.  His defense is tough to replace, plus he gives great interviews on weei.

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    Re: Pedroia 2013

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    Pedroia had a down year in 2012, and he made a fool of himself being a big cry baby because he missed his Tito binky...the fact that no one has even written a thread about him thus far is confirmation that  expectations for him are not so great, and neither is his brand at this moment..

    truth hurts...


    A down year? He hit 290 and 15 home runs. He is a career 300 hitter and averages 17 home runs a year. It was slighty below average but still with in range. I expect him to hit around 300 and hit 15-20 home runs. His criticizism of Valentine should have been a warning sign for the franchise. Valentine was a clown.


    And therein lies the crux of the matter. geo, as much as I like him sometimes was the biggest Bobby Valentine fanboy in this entire forum.