Peter Abraham on Bobby V

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    Re: Peter Abraham on Bobby V

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    Same guys won 90 in 2011...The malcontents. But BV couldn't get .500 with them and is .300 since the rookies took over.

    The problem started last September, worst in MLB history with these players, especially the rotation.  Last year Francona had five (Ells, Ortiz, Pedroia, Youk, AGon) of the top ten OPS's in the AL in his lineup.  All that hitting couldn't prevent that collapse.    This year, Bobby has no one in the top ten.  AGon is gone.  Ortiz and Middlebrooks are on the DL.  Ells and Pedey are subpar, especially Ells.  Last year the Sox had the 9th best ERA in the AL, and this year it's 12th best. 

    You appear to think a manager can win games without pitching and with hitting that goes up and down, but now is mostly down. 

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    Re: Peter Abraham on Bobby V

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      I've been a sox fan for a very long time. There is no way the failure of this years team is Valentines fault. I believe he is a good baseball manager and I don't think it's fair to say he must go due to the losing record of the Sox. I'm not saying that Backett and Lester have pitched poorly on purpose, but the fact is that with everything thats happened to the Sox this year, if Beckett and Lester were having average years for a #1 & #2 starter, the Sox would be in contention for the division title or wild card. I'd call that pretty good considering all the injuries. So I'm going to assume that Bobby has done an amazing job, just as you assumed that Francona was a good manager for 8 years because the Sox were winning.

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    I think Bobby V deserves to be back next year with the coaches he picks. Simply reverse Beckett's and Lester's records and they are in contention with the Yankees and Baltimore. How can that be the fault of BV? Considering that the #1 and #2 starters are about a dozen games below 500, and the team has dealt with an inordinate number of injuries, it's my contention that BV has done a great job. I for one want him back!

    We have, more or less, our worst record in 46 years.  I'm not surprised that you are pleased with that.


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    Re: Peter Abraham on Bobby V

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    More innings pitched, right, but compared with April-August last year, not even close in QUALITY this year -- if that makes a difference. 

    So basically, Tito got more out of his pitchers.  Fair enough.

    Another of you false inductive leaps. If Tito did, then why did it suddenly stop when all the chips are on the table? One could argue that Tito failed to being the horse across the finish line.  But I don't. Then the bad pitching carried over into this year. Do I blame BV? No, not any more than I blame Tito. I point out a FACT about the difference in quality but do not even hint at causality.
    Your response is typical or your slick, superficial style, and continues to show that assigning causality is not one of your strong points. You'd rather fire off debate points that fizzle.