Phil Sign Delmon Young for $750K. Better The Gomes!

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    Re: Phil Sign Delmon Young for $750K. Better The Gomes!

    The best thing to come out of Delmon Young's career is his apparent change of heart with respect to his Jewish brothers & sisters.  If the news reports reflect a TRUE "change of heart," I honestly wish the kid well.  No doubt he was a closet anti-semite, but friends say he has learned & genuinely wants to make amends?  Nobody can know his heart, but I hope this is for real!  I'm pulling for the kid! 

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    Re: Phil Sign Delmon Young for $750K. Better The Gomes!

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    posted at 1/23/2013 12:38 PM EST

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    As Tampa Bay Devil Ray teammates in 2007, Delmon Young posted a WAR* of 0.5 in 162 games while Jonny Gomes posted a WAR of 0.3 in 107 games:

    * Wins Above Replacement as reported at Baseball Reference. FanGraphs had Young with 0.0 WAR in 2007 and Gomes with 0.4 WAR:


    Space, I just reposted Hill's comment on "clubhouse cancer" Delmon Young and "good clubhouse guy" Johnny Gomes, in case you missed it. I knew you would want to evaluate allt he data before deciding on which player offers the better value when Jews aren't in Delmon Young's lockerroom.


    OK, now that I am clear on the marginal difference in their respective WAR numbers from 6 years ago, I feel more grounded in the facts.  I realize that my bigotry probably blinded me from using marginal statistical differences from 2007 as the determining factor in my analysis.


    There is probably no one that looks at data from 6 years ago.  He started off with two decent years, given his age.  But he's gone way down hill.  He wouldn't be a bad fit on a cheap club hoping to get lucky.