Piazza Interview on WFAN

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    Piazza Interview on WFAN


    Obviously plugging his new book, Longshot. He sounds like a great guy; wishful thinking, but I hope he was clean (beyond what he admitted to). A couple of anecdotes:


    - It's amazing he didn't charge that lunatic Clemens in the WS.

    - The dramatic HR he hit off of Steve Karsay (1st game in NY after 9/11)

    - This will surprise no one: BV gave him a sign to throw a curve. The ball was hit out. At the end of the inning, he says to Piazza: "Who the heck told U to listen to me? I order you to never do that again!"

    Some curiosities about his childhood as well. I wasn't going to read this book, but I may now. Wasn't that the intent?





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    Re: Piazza Interview on WFAN

    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    He wasn't clean, but some players were. I'm not buying his book, nor does this dope head have any business in any place but the PED Hall of Shame.

    Unfortunately, I believe you're right. But that goes for about 80% of the players then, and probably 40% now.