Pitching depth

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    Pitching depth


    SP Lester, Buchholz, Lackey, Doubront, Peavy

    Spot start and long relief Capuano

    Long relief, 6th, 7th Badenhop

    Situational lefties Miller, Breslow

    7th, 8th  Tazawa, Mojica

    Closer Uehara



    Start  Webster, Workman, De La Rosa, Britton, Ranaudo

    Relief Wilson, Villareal, Layne, Hinajosa, Mijares, Cordero

    Workman, Webster first call ups for starters when there  are real injuries;  Any reliever plus Britton and De la Rosa could be called up when someone in BP is "injured" meaning they pitched too long and can't go for three or four days.  Sox do that well

    Wright comes back in may or June


    Barnes, Owens, Ramirez

    Owens, Barnes are up to AAA midsummer when slots become available

    Somewhere in single A

    Ball, Couch


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