Took a look at the remainder of the schedule and how the pitching might set up.  From what I am seeing theya re not taking Doubront out of the rotation for the rest of the year, but rather pushing him foreard and thus creating extra days for everyone.  It looks like he will be inserted back in, probably when the Yankees come in.

9th off

10th Tampa Buchholz

11th Tampa Dempster (6 days rest)

12th Tampa Peavy (6)

13th NY Lackey (5)

14th NY Lester (5)

15th NY Doubront (8)  If they went with Buchholz, he'd be on 4 days

16th off

17th Baltimore Buchholz (6)

18th Baltimore ???  Could stay with Dempster (6) or skip him then its Peavy (5)

19th Baltimore ???  Dempster (7) or Peavy (6) or Lackey (5)

20th Toronto Dempster (8) or Lackey (6) or Lester (5)

Hard to figure beyond that.

The ALDS starts on the 4th.  Assuming it's Lester, then he would pitch against Baltimore on the 27th (6); 28th (5), 29th (4).  My guess is they want the extra day, so the 28th looks like a good guess.  To get him there is where Dempster or Doubront get slipped in against either Toronto, Colorado or Baltimore (final weekend).  They could use Workman or Webster to accomplish this as well, but my guess is they play with Dempster and Doubront.  There is another day off on the 23rd after Toronto and before they go to Colorado, so that helps spread things out.

Also playing into this is Doubront being the first guy out of the BP in the first Buchholz start if he doesn't get through the fifth.  It just seems logical to go to him.  That would change things a bit.

Now if Buchholz flames out on the 10th or 17th, then can go back to a more regular rotation or use Webster or Workman to accomplish the spread out schedule.

In the end, I see both Dempster and Doubront in the BP for the playoffs, if Buchholz is okay.  He has four starts to show that.  I also see Workman making the postseason roster.