Pitching moves

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    Pitching moves

    Good move on Mujica.  That probably means that Bailey is not likely to be back (they can negotiate with him.).  Unless he is open to a minor league contract and certainly not the 4.1 that they would have had to pay him if they had tendered him.  Since he is not going to ce avaialble until June, that could happen.  He was there in the dugout along with Miller all the way. (Hanrahan was not). 

    The Mujica move also covers the probability of Workman going into the rotation.  Though I am hearing that he may start out at Pawtucket.  That would give them more flexibility.  If they keep everyone or close to everyone and someone goes down, he is right there to come up.

    When I see Workman, I see Masterson, Arroyo and to some extent Lowe.  And we saw what they did elsewhere.  Really now, did anyone expect Arroyo to be the ace of a staff when he was with the Red Sox.  He was a nice mid to end of rotation guy ofr Boston.  And Masterson.....No one saw that coming.

    Clearly they will have to get creative.

    Starters--Lester, Buchholz, Lackey, Peavy, Doubront, Dempster, Workman, Webster

    Bullpen--Badenhop, Mujica, Morales, Miller, Breslow, Tazawa, Uehara, Britton, De la Rosa, Wilson, Beato

    Those are all guys that pitched in the majors last year and COULD come north.  That is also 19, so obviously they all won't.  And you know they will make a few more moves

    Then you have Barnes, Ranaudo in Triple A and Owens in Double who all could be up at some point this year.  Look at Workman.  He started the season in AA and then he was pitching in high impact situations in the World Series.

    They could have some rotation to start the season in Pawtucket

    Barnes, Ranaudo, Webster, Britton and if Workman starts there, him.  Possibly De la Rosa as well.  Wilson was a starter two years ago and if they could somehow sneak Morales back there.....  Owens will be there by June, I think.

    the future looks bright






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    Re: Pitching moves

    I think all of our pitchers except maybe Lester and Uehara are on the table right now.  If Ben sees something big, he will pull the tirgger during the winter meeting.  Ranaudo and Webter as well.