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"Play the kids!"

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    "Play the kids!"

    It really cracks me up when I hear people on here or calling into sports reading screaming, "Play the kids!" (As an aside, that line annoys me because I don't think I'd call an adult in the big leagues a "kid" but whatever.)

    Anyway, how much do you want to bet that the vast majority of these fans:

    --Could barely name any prospects by first and last name. Or if they could, I bet that they know little to nothing about them beyond their names, such as their minor league stats, what type of player they project to be, the position they play, etc.

    --If these "kids" did play and failed, these so-called fans would be the same ones blasting the Sox organization on message boards and the radio airwaves for going with youth.

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    Yea and.. It's a great move to resign to losing the next two or three years and overpaying for free agents.   What's the difference?   Either way we be losing.