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Playoff roster possibilities

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    Playoff roster possibilities

    With just a couple of days to go until August 31st, an important date for playoff roster implications.

    Obvious is that anyone on the 25 is eligible, as well as anyone on the DL at 9:00 on that day.  That is why I am a little surprised that they activated Thornton instead of waiting a couple of days.  Then they could have gotten a two-fer.  Thorton would have been eligible as well as Villireal or anyone else they had in that spot.

    But I read that if someone who is on the DL when the playoff rosters are set the day before the first game of the series, they can be replaced by anyone who was in the organization, not necessarily on the 40,  prior to September 1st.  That would mean the 60 day disabled list guys, who were still on would allow for a replacement.  On the list are: Kalish, Miller, Bailey, Hanrahan, Buchholz. 

    Buchholz will be off, but the other four aren't coming back.  If I am reading this correctly, that means the pool of potential players increases by four and since all they to do is be in the organization, they could potentially be eligible. 

    That seems too easy, because it could mean anyone.  For example, Quinton Berry has just been traded for.  He is not on the 40, but he is in the organization.  If this is true, he takes one of those 60's and is eligible.

    I know when they put someone on the 60, they have had the opporunity to get someone else on the 40.

    Then there are the 15 DL guys, who if they don't come back, would open up slots.  Snyder is one, but he will probably be back for September.   My guess is that his injury was a wink, wink. Wilson is also on the 15 and if they don't think they will use him in September, they could just move him to the 60 and have another slot open.

    Then there are those who are on the 25 now and who could get "injured" in September, who I think would then allow for a replacement.  For example, if Morales was ineffective, could they not DL him mid month and now have someone else be eligible.  Of course, if he got hurt before Saturday, that would be a simple solution.  Reference Snyder.

    From what I read, it is the pool of players that teams want to maximize.  If you can draw 30-33, all the better.

    They seemed to have done a good job with expanding the 25 all year with that shuttle of relief pitchers. (throw more than 25 pitches and you're gone for at least 10 days).

    I know they have it figured out, but does anyone have anyinside scoop.


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    Re: Playoff roster possibilities

    I would think they go with who they have at this point...My guess is that Dempster probably ends up in the pen with Buccholz the wildcard depending on if he can back and be effective...wouldn't rule out having him in the pen too. Frankly that's our only real need a righty to take up some of the slack in the late innings...